Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mega Man 9 "Unofficial" Offical Box Art

So here's the leaked image of the "Mega Man 9" box art I did for Capcom! The image was taken by's Jeremy Parish at E3. Capcom printed the painting I made on T-shirts and handed them to the staff to help promote the game. Yes, the original image looks waaaay better than this, but I'm not supposed to post anything up until the Capcom marketing department "officially" releases this image. I'll be sure to update this post with a better quality image once this happens. Special thanks to Jon Gibson for recommending me for the job!

Patsy Cline

This is another digi-painting I did a couple of months ago for the "depARTed" group art show... the show was dedicated to those famous individuals that left our world a bit too early. I chose Patsy Cline because of the interesting imagery that is associated with country music, plus I haven't done a country type painting for years. She died in a plane crash, btw.

Old School: Roman Zombie

I did this in October of last year as a "goodbye" gift to my co-worker Roman who was leaving El Tigre to move up to San Francisco. He really likes zombies. And he chews pens.... a lot.