Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Poem 1

You're like my favorite cartoon
"Jem and the Holograms"
You're both truly outrageous

You sing to me
And wake me up
Every saturday morning

I watch you, want to sing with you
But you're just a cartoon
And I want to be in that TV with you

And have band wars
With the Misfits
And show them how to rock

And with a touch of your earring
You become someone else
But are you the same person
On the inside?

You're like my favorite cartoon
"Jem And The Holograms"
But that was a long time ago

Frida the Rabbit

This is my rabbit Frida. But Frida is a dude. But when I got him, I thought he was a she 'cause he fooled me with that cute mascara stuff around his eyes. Then he popped a boner and I knew my mistake. But I still kept calling him Frida, kind of like that song by Johnny Cash called "A Boy Named Sue". In the song, Sue is like a criminal murderer. And in the movie "Swingers", one of the characters is named "Sue" and they make reference to that song. So now I don't feel so bad calling my male bunny "Frida". Like he gives a shit.


I did this for an artshow...the subject was 80s videogames. I thought q-bert would be quite neato to do. q-bert is like everyone else...girls messing up our lives! i kid, i kid!!! i think the site for the artshow is www.iam8bit.net .

Monday, May 16, 2005


this is my first blog...i hope it's my last. i'm going to talk about how i used to eat ketchup with rice in kindergarten. yes, that's what my teachers fed us at school. no i didn't come from a third world country...i came from the US of A. i guess times were hard at our elementary school. but i forgive them.

Buggery on the High Seas

Gidget is a pirate.

Gidget the Dog

Gidget is a pumpkin.