Tuesday, July 14, 2009

EVO 2009 Posters

Hey, hey, me again. Took a quick little break from Sandra and Jorge's project (maybe I'll post some of that stuff a year and a half from now, haha). Here are some posters I did for the upcoming "EVO 2009" tournament. These went by pretty quick, under 20 hours from sketch to paint for both of these. Jon Gibson wanted a 70's Kung-Fu movie poster vibe for these, so I was happy to oblige. That's it from me for a while! Soyonara!


pezzetti said...

What, no love for Dhalsim? Very nicely done nonetheless. Digital or traditional? I see the text is digital.

Saw your note today-- but my domain just got squatted, so I can't reply there. I'll have something back up soon, just google me in a week or two.


Kyle Neswald said...

Make it so Jerry, make it so.